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Pentamed hospital started operations on 25th May 1996. Promoted by a group of senior experienced consultants and built on a designated plot for a nursing home by DDA , it was a instant success as it was felt need of the area and offered personalized passionate and quality medical care to it patrons Hospital offers services under the gamut of all general specialities viz: internal medicine.

Delhi Reports Season s First Dengue Death

Delhi Reports Season s First Dengue Death


Delhi has reported this season s first dengue death, with an 18-year old Read More

Delhi parents dont want leap year babies

Delhi parents dont want leap year babies


Apparently a lot of parents dont want to celebrate the birthday of the child once in four ...

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Our Doctor

  • Dr. Sunil Jain
    Dr. Sunil Jain Director & Consultant Pediatrics View Profile
  • Dr. Rajesh Gupta
    Dr. Rajesh Gupta Consultant Physician & Cardiologist View Profile
  • Dr. Nagesh Jain Jain
    Dr. Nagesh Jain Jain M.S. Surgeon View Profile
  • Dr. K. M Surana
    Dr. K. M Surana In Charge Path. Lab. View Profile
  • Dr. Narinder  Batta
    Dr. Narinder Batta Senior Consultant & Head of Obst. & Gyane View Profile
  • Dr. Utsav Sahu
    Dr. Utsav Sahu Associate Consultant Physician and Diabetologist View Profile
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